M.A.D.E for Kids ( 3-6 years)

Join the creativity and excitement at the MADE International center as young aspiring artists explore Music, Art, Drama through English (or your preferred language) in a fun learning environment.

Our special M.A.D.E Workshops and classes designed for kids between the ages of 3-6 years are held throughout the year at our MADE International center in Vienna.

Using the method of constructivism our specially trained tutors will give your child the tools they need to adapt in any future academic or social setting. With each semester a passing milestone, your child will receive a combination of our four main principles, consisting of:


Music/ Movements: Kids have the opportunity to play with different instruments, while they learn to listen actively. Through movements they will gain balance and strength.


Art: Through our specially designed games and activity with elements like colors, shapes and numbers kids develop their cognitive skills.


Drama: Working together through theater games, pantomime, storytelling, and interactive movement, kids will learn to express themselves in a controlled environment.


English: Using our specially designed English workbooks, your child will learn how to form correct grammar structures while remembering related vocabulary and verbs to each activity.



  • Age: 3-6 years old
  • Tuition: €120 for 4 sessions, once a week.
  • Length of class: 50 minutes