No musical knowledge is needed At the end of this level students will have a strong general concept about their main instrument. Depending on the age of the student, they will be able to read musical notes and play simple pieces on their chosen instrument.


At this level beside the individual instrument class, students are also given the opportunity to participate in a group ensemble class.The musical benefits of participating in an ensemble are many and critical for those wishing to advance their child's musical talent. Students will learn to hone skills such as awareness of blend and balance, intonation, accuracy in keeping beat and attention to detail when reading music. Beyond these benefits, group participation in a musical ensemble is a great way for your child to interact socially and have fun with kids of the same age-group.


The general educational aim of this stage is to reinforce and build on what students have already learned in previous levels to further boost their confidence in their chosen instrument to progress to the Advanced level. At this stage students will have their routine individual instrumental classes and Ensemble classes.


Advanced Music students will expand their musical and technical abilities and develop their creativity on their chosen instruments. At this level students are able to discover their own personal taste and style in music. Our team will help students at this level to prepare for entrance exams for Vienna most prestigious conservatories and Universities.