Available for adults and children aged 6years and older, we offer guitar lessons in contemporary and classical style. These structured lessons can start with either our ‘Elementary’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’ levels depending on musical and performing ability. Our professional tutors can train your child from the basics needed to play at their school show to advanced classical concert performances.

Situated in the country’s capital – Vienna, our office in 5th district caters for individual one-to-one private lessons or small group classes of 3 students.

Please contact us to schedule your free 30 minutes trial lesson.

(Private Tution) Monthly


4x 50mins

Once a week

(Private Tution) Monthly Intensive


8×50 mins

Twice a week


14 blocks

567€ (inclusive 10% discount)

14×50 mins

Once a week


28 blocks

1134€(inclusive 10% discount)


Twice a week

Our team offers special music classes for your comfort at your home. The prices vary depending on your location. Please contact us for more details about music classes and prices at your home.