About Us

M.A.D.E International

M is for Music

Rhyming mnemonics, popular songs and nursery rhymes are just some of the ways music is used to reinforce the language in each session. No music ability is needed! If your child can clap, whistle, hum and stomp then they’re ready.

A is for Art

Visual representation by kinesthetic drawing /painting is the best way for a child to not only creatively express themselves, it is used to produce new language learned during the class. All activities focus on spelling and writing style.

D is for Drama

Roleplays and simulations are used to practice situations in preparation for real-world interactions. Taking learners out of their comfort zones and building on their confidence is crucial in their development.

E is for English

While all activities are conducted through English, our specially designed colour coursebooks (Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level) give learners a CEFR format to structure their progress.

We are M.A.D.E International

We are a group of young professionals passionate about our work and eager to facilitate the best quality classes for adults and children for the best prices in Vienna. Our motto to Make your child international offers to give your child the skills needed to perform on the international stage.